A Comprehensive Range of Professional Roofing Services in Brighton & Surrounding Areas

JRH Roofing Limited is a family-owned company based in Hassocks, approximately 9 miles north of Brighton. Being a family-run company means that we have a traditional approach to our work and to customer service. If you’ve been looking for a roofer in the Brighton area that is friendly, reliable and approachable, call our team today – for our range of roofing services covers all bases.

Our business owners have brought twenty combined years of roofing experience together to form a considerate and customer-focused company that always strives to meet and exceed expectations. Each of our owners has previously worked as a roofer for local companies in the Brighton and West Sussex areas.

Slate and Tile Roof Services

JRH Roofing Limited have the experience and knowledge to provide roofing services for any type of structure. Slate and tile roof repairs are a major part of our business. We can conduct full roofing inspections to check for signs of storm damage or general wear and tear. If required, our roofing contractors can even accept work from insurance companies. We can perform repairs or roofing replacements as a fully insured company that personally guarantees its workmanship.

Much of the work we encounter is caused by other roofers or tradesmen, albeit by accident in most cases. TV and satellite installers, for example, may damage slate and tile roof structures (or in fact flat roofing) when fitting an aerial or a dish. If you live in the Brighton area and have started to notice roofing problems after a TV or satellite installation, call us now and we’ll arrive to check out the damage before recommending a suitable method of roofing repair.

Flat Roof Repair Services

If your need a company that specialises in roof repair and installation work (we construct both pitched roofing and flat roofing systems), JRH Roofing can help. We have already undertaken work on many properties in the Brighton area with flat roofing structures. We use high quality materials and lasting repair systems that can withstand the demands of the British weather for up to 50 years.

When our roofing contractors undertake flat roof repairs, we achieve seamless, lasting results that prevent water from entering the underlying eaves to cause damage. We have complete confidence in the systems we use and can perform flat roof repair work on structures with felt, EPDM and any other type of finish; in this respect our roofers are some of the most versatile operating in and around the Brighton area.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re in Brighton and require flat roofing or pitched roofing repairs or installation, call our friendly team on (01273) 843 566.