Local Specialists for Both Pitched Roofing & Flat Roofing in Hassocks & surrounding areas

JRH Roofing is proud to call Hassocks its home. We’ve served countless clients in the local area, and throughout wider West Sussex, providing the gold standard for roofing services – from flat roofing repair, to pitched roofing construction and everything in between. Whether you’re looking to invest in a completely new roof, or require fast and affordable roof repairs for an existing installation, we’ll ensure you get an unrivalled quality of workmanship at distinctly affordable prices.

On this page, we’ve looked to answer a handful of questions that we frequently receive from domestic and commercial clients in Hassocks and its surrounds. Have a question not featured here? Or perhaps you need urgent flat roofing or pitched roofing repairs? Cut right to the chase and call us on (01273) 84356.

Our Roofing Services FAQ

What are the different strengths of flat roofing and pitched roofing respectively?

Flat roofing is typically cheaper, and both quicker and easier to install. It’s typically used for garages, single-storey extensions, sheds and similar outbuildings. Pitched roofing, though more expensive, has a more luxurious aesthetic (especially when featuring slate, or similar premium tiling). It can last much longer when properly maintained, and promptly repaired by professional roofing contractors as and when required. The latter is ideal for main properties, where curb appeal is a factor.

What are some signs I might require roof repair?

Perhaps the most obvious and serious of symptoms is a leak; whatever its severity, you should contact a roofer ASAP – even the most minor of leaks shows that your system is compromised, and the likelihood of it worsening over time is very high. Other signs include blistering and alligatoring, or ponding water that sits on your roof for long periods.

How do I properly maintain my flat roofing system?

Visually inspect the roof at least twice a year. Good times include mid-winter and the onset of spring, to ensure that both rain and snow are properly draining away. Should you spot anything that looks out of the ordinary, call your friendly neighbourhood Hassocks roofer at JRH Roofing. We’ll come and diagnose the issue, and can in many cases provide on the spot flat roof repair to deal with it! Cleaning its gutters and checking that gutters, fascias and soffits are all in good condition is also recommended.

Do you provide warranties with the pitched roofing and flat roofing systems you construct/install?

Yes. Hassocks residents who choose JRH Roofing to build them a long-lasting, functional and beautifully built new roof will receive a generous guarantee on workmanship; guarantees on the materials used themselves, e.g an EPDM system, differ manufacturer by manufacturer.

Why choose JRH Roofing over competing providers of roofing services in the Hassocks area?

First and foremost, because we are a local roofer with an immaculate reputation for providing roof repairs and installations to an incredibly high standard. Secondly, we are committed not just to quality workmanship, but friendly and helpful customer service. From first point of contact, until long after your roof is complete and keeping you safe and dry, we’ll be on hand to assist you.

Have a different query, or wish to get a quote on one of the many pitched and flat roofing services we provide Hassocks and its surrounds? Call the JRH Roofing team on (01 273) 84356.