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One of our core roofing services is roof installation. While some companies in the Lewes area specialise solely in flat roofing or pitched roofing construction, our team has the training and experience required to offer both, giving our clients a wealth of options; in a word, JRH Roofing is extremely versatile. But how do you know which one of these options to choose? Then once you decide, how do you select one of the various materials which are taken in by each category?

That’s exactly what this article is looking to do, to provide an answer to the question: “Which roofing type and material best suits my requirements?” If you’re in the Lewes area and have a question regarding any of the information featured on this page, or you require one of our other roofing services (e.g flat roof repairs), feel free to skip ahead and call our friendly roofing contractors on (01273) 84356. Or if you’d like to speak with an individual member of our team, you can also reach John on (07814) 196328, and Rob on (07833) 607182.

Pitched Roofing & Flat Roofing Materials – Their Benefits

Tile & Slate – Looking for a traditional, naturalistic aesthetic? Many Lewes clients choose to go with tile and slate pitched roofing. Known for their durability and extensive lifespan, both tile and slate can take some punishment and you’ll only rarely need a JRH roofer in to conduct essential roof repair, especially if you take care to keep it well maintained.

Potential drawbacks include the expense of tile pitched roofing constructions; Lewes clients on a strict budget should consider this and compare it with alternative materials, which may prove more cost effective. Looks wise, slate really can’t be beaten. Its rich and luxurious aesthetic can add shed loads to the curb appeal of a Lewes property, thereby boosting its potential market value. While you might not be looking to sell up any time soon, investing in your property is always a good idea.

Metal – The various types a roofer can employ for a roof include aluminium, copper, stainless steel and zinc. Metal is typically pretty cost effective, and when employed for flat roofing and pitched roofing can run a very respectable lifespan; durability and fire resistance also feed into this sought-after longevity.

Felt – These flat roofing systems are made up of layers of felt and bitumen that is torch-bonded to create a lightweight, yet watertight roof. Known for their affordability, these roofs can last a long time when treated properly. Lewes clients should beware long periods of heavy foot traffic on top of felt flat roofing, which can place undue structural stress on it and reduce its lifespan.

EPDM Rubber – A modern alternative to more traditional flat roofing materials such as felt, EPDM is an environmentally friendly, long-lasting roofing solution. It can last well over 25 years when well looked after with regular maintenance (which our roofers offer as part of our complete range of roofing services for Lewes home and business owners). Another appealing aspect of EPDM is how quick and easy its installation is, as it doesn’t require the torch on application method detailed above.

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