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Alongside the construction of new pitched and flat roofing systems, our roofers repair existing ones which for one reason or another, are in a state of poor health. But while some ailments are hard to miss or ignore, as there’s a leak dripping water into your living room, others are a bit more subtle and Brighton property owners will need a bit of knowhow to spot them. With that in mind, we chose this as the subject of our latest JRH blog – diagnosing an ailing roof.

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Diagnosing an Ailing Roof

Tiling – Brighton residents should regularly give pitched roofing a visual check over. Should you notice missing, cracked or otherwise damaged tiles, you should contact our roofers; it’s not just a matter of aesthetics and curb appeal, as tiles provide a vital line of defence against the elements. Missing tiles can mean leaks, or moisture getting into your roof and causing damp and rot.

Roofline – You should also keep an eye out for signs of damage to fascias, soffits and guttering. The former two are an essential part of keeping your roofing system sealed up and secure; the latter ensures that water can drain away from your roof following a period of inclement weather. If water can’t drain away, it can sit on roofs and begin to erode your roof and make it more vulnerable to future damage.

Flashing – While doing the weekly rounds in Brighton and surrounding areas, our roofers are always encountering shoddy flashing that’s been either poorly installed or completely neglected over a long period of time. As flashing is a vital seal between vulnerable areas and the roof itself – e.g chimneys – it’s important it’s in a good state of repair for it to be fit for purpose.

Moisture & Mould – The above red flags all appear on the exterior of your roof/property, but moisture and mould is a sign that something’s not quite right you’ll find inside. Signs of damp, mould growths and musty smells in your roof space/attic and other rooms in the upper vicinity of your house can all signal a vulnerability in your roofing system that should be attended to by professional roofers like ours, based a short drive from Brighton in nearby Hassocks.

Leaks – Before kicking off this article we mentioned that leaks were an obvious sign your roof’s in trouble; however, many leaks are very minor and can take a while to notice due to them leaking into a ceiling and not through it. The main tip here is simply to be vigilant and call us right away should you suspect a leak. While perhaps minor right now, they can quickly worsen and lead to major ones and subsequent property damage.

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