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It’s our roof’s job to keep us warm, dry and safe amid all weather conditions – even the most severe. But many take this for granted, thinking of roofs as immune to wear, tear and damage as a result of this most important of jobs. In this blog post, JRH Roofing, as the Hassocks area’s premier local roofers, consider how different weather respectively affect flat and pitched roofs.

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How the Weather Affects Your Roof

Thermal Shifts – Some of the most significant environmental effects on roofs happen due to sudden changes in temperature and humidity. These shifts lead to the expansion and contraction of materials within your roof, which can undermine structural integrity and lead to warping.

Exposure to UV Rays – All day long, your roof faces down the sun. Over a long enough span, exposure to UV rays and heat can cause issues like shrinking or cracking. Keeping on top of repairs and maintenance, for example by regularly enlisting the help of our Hassocks based roofers, can reduce the likelihood of these issues occurring – it’s only neglected, poorly built roofs that struggle to cope with the exposure.

Heavy Rain & Snow – As with all other areas of the rainy UK, Hassocks gets its fair share of drizzle. So its roofs need to be up to the task of capably handling a large amount of rainfall over the course of the year. But some roofs – especially those constructed by sub-par or corner-cutting roofers – can struggle; moisture finds a weak point in the roofline and penetrates the system. This can lead to leaks, mould and other unwanted issues. The same goes for snow, which can lead to a very heavy amount of moisture sitting on/in roofs for long periods of time. Keep an eye on the amount building on your roof due to a long period of snowfall, and call us for advice should you be concerned it’s adding up! It’s also vital to keep your drainage system in efficient working order, and deal with essential roofline repairs immediately.

High Winds – Extreme winds can get under tiles or roof materials and weaken them, or even detach them from the roof, if the roof has been poorly constructed or is old has not been maintained/repaired for a long while. Not only can this lead to damage of roof and internal spaces, but it’s dangerous for those living around the home/office, and could also lead to serious property damage. To prevent this occurring, Hassocks customers are urged to have roofers replace loose tiles or damaged flashing replaced as and when they’re noticed.

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