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Roofs are far from an everyday or throwaway purchase; they’re expensive and as such you want to be sure you’re getting something that will serve you well for a long, long time to come. JRH Roofing, as the Haywards Heath area’s premier roofers, use a combination of durable materials and expert workmanship to create both pitched and flat roofing systems that stand the test of time. But what factors can you expect to affect your roof and either shorten or extend its lifespan?

This is the question we’re looking at in our latest blog post, which you can find below. More interested in discussing a project you’re gearing up for, and how our roofers (based near Haywards Heath in Hassocks) can help? Pick up the phone and call our friendly team on 01273 843 566.

What Impacts Your Roof’s Lifespan?

The Weather – OK, so a rather broad and obvious category here. But what exactly and how? Extended periods of strong sunlight can cause cracking of particular roof tiles, and slowly break down compounds in roof materials due to UV exposure. While Haywards Heath isn’t exactly the Costa del Sol, it’s something our roofers recommend considering.

High winds can also prove a menace to roofs, specifically if they are poorly maintained or badly installed. The wind can catch under loose tiles, flashing or felt and essentially loosen it, or even rip sections off entirely if the winds are particularly extreme and the damage its capitalising on extensive! Rain is a threat, too, if your roof is not 100% watertight. Leaks, damp, moisture and rot can all occur due to vulnerabilities in Haywards Heath roof’s external layers of defence – which include roofline elements like fascias and soffits.

Trees – During and after stormy weather, nearby trees can cause roofs significant damage. Boughs and branches can scrape and scratch against the roof, or fall on it from height. This is a more common reason behind drastically cut short roof lifespans than you’d imagine, and our roofers have dealt with many such cases in and around the Haywards Heath area over the years.

Roof Material – Different roofing materials have different projected lifespans. In the world of flat roofing, EPDM rubber roofs are known for being exceptionally long-lasting, while felt roofs are seen as a cheaper but sometimes less long-lasting option (although many modern felt systems stand the test of time far better than previous versions). We’d urge you to speak with our Haywards Heath roofers about the particular placement/purpose of the roof you’re investing in, so we can match you up with a material that suits your needs.

Installation – Opting for the cheapest roofers you find is not always the best idea; it’s a false economy. Yes, you get an abnormally low price for a roof right now – but how can the company work so cheaply? They skimp out on cheap materials and cheap labour, often from unqualified or inexperienced roofers. The number of repair and replacement jobs our roofers have taken on in the Haywards Heath areas where the simplest things have been mishandled is quite frankly staggering. If you want a quality roof that’ll last a long time, choose roofers with a great track record that’ll be proud to show you a portfolio of past work they’ve completed (like ours near Haywards Heath!)

Maintenance – As with anything you invest in, neglect it and fail to deal with essential maintenance and repairs as and when they’re required, and you’ll be replacing it far sooner than you might have! It’s important Haywards Heath property owners stay vigilant and regularly give their roof a visual inspection, ensuring that vulnerabilities haven’t emerged allowing a space for moisture to get inside your roof.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a new pitched or flat roofing system, or require emergency roof repairs in the Haywards Heath area, call JRH Roofing today on 01273 843 566.